Many Californians with Asthma Have Problems Understanding Their Doctor

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research recently published the policy brief: “Many Californians With Asthma Have Problems Understanding Their Doctor.” The research was based upon findings from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the nation’s largest state health survey. According to the research, adults born outside the U.S., those who have low income and/or low education levels, as well as those covered by public insurance are more likely to experience communication problems with their health care providers. Research reveals that over 237,000 adults with asthma say they do not speak English very well. Among this group, 13% – nearly 31,000 people – experience problems understanding their doctors. This rate is more than three times higher than those who speak English very well or who are native English speakers. 13% of those who have not completed high school report problems understanding their doctors, compared to 6% of high school graduates and only 2-3% of those with at least some college.

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