Study: Kickin’ Asthma: School based asthma education in an urban community

In a study published in the December issue of the Journal of School Health, researchers evaluated the implementation of Kickin’ Asthma, a school based asthma curriculum designed by health educators and local students, which teaches asthma physiology and asthma self-management techniques to middle and high school students in Oakland, CA. Eligible students were identified through an in-class case identification survey and were recruited for a series of the Kickin’ Asthma intervention. Students completed a baseline and a 3-month follow-up survey that compared symptom frequency, health care utilization, activity limitations, and medication use. Comparison of this data indicated that a school-based curriculum designed specifically for urban students has been shown to reduce symptoms, activity limitations, and health care utilization for intervention participants. To view the full study, click on the link below.

KickinAsthma Evaluation (159 KB)