Consensus Statement: CHEST supplement on the Diagnosis and Management of Work-Related Asthma

In a September 2008 supplement to the journal CHEST, the American College of Chest Physicians released a consensus statement on the diagnosis and management of work-related asthma (WRA). This statement updates the previous 1995 consensus statement on asthma in the workplace based on research that has been published since the 1995 statement. A panel of experts, including allergists, pulmonologists, and occupational medicine physicians convened to develop the consensus statement. The statement defined WRA to include occupational asthma and work-exacerbated asthma and focuses on the diagnosis and management of WRA, as well as preventive measures. The authors concluded that the substantial prevalence of WRA supports consideration of the diagnosis in all who present with new-onset or worsening asthma, followed by appropriate investigations and intervention including consideration of other exposed workers.

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