Resources: Legislative Hearing on Asthma and the Environment

On August 14, 2008 the Senate Select Committee on Public Health and the Environment held a hearing on “California’s Asthma Problems and the Environment, Health Care and Children”. The hearing was led by Senator Jenny Oropeza and brought together asthma advocates from around the state to define the problem of asthma, discuss possible causes and sources of asthma and air pollution, and provide environmental, medical, and policy recommendations. RAMP staff and partners and CAFA coalitions were represented at this hearing and provided testimony. Click on the links below for resources and testimony from this hearing. For more information, contact Brandon Kitagawa at 510-302-3395 or via e-mail at brandon(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

Hearing Agenda (48 KB)
LBACA Senator Oropeza Hearing 8/14/08 (49 KB)
LBACA Oropeza Hearing 8/14/08 (3,644 KB)
NLRC asthma and housing flyer (632 KB)
NLRC-Oropeza Hearing Housing Presentation (29 KB)
RAMP-CAFA Oropeza leg hearing testimony_bulleted (853 KB)
RAMP-CAFA Oropeza leg hearing testimony (38 KB)