Study: Results from a Large-Scale Asthma Intervention within OUSD

In the March 11th on-line edition of the Journal of Urban Health, researchers reported on the results from a large-scale asthma intervention that took place within the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). A coalition of community organizations developed a school-based, population-level system to identify, prioritize, and provide interventions for middle school children with asthma. In order to identify students with asthma, a survey was administered and 92% of students in the targeted schools particpipated in the survey. Of those who completed the survey, 17.5% (n=1,458) had active asthma and were eligible for services. Of those identified with active asthma, 83% (n=1,217) voluntarily attended asthma self-management classes at school. Seventy-two percent of students who enrolled attended at least three of the four curriculum sessions – many other students were subsequently referred to and enrolled in off-site asthma services. The authors concluded that large school districts with incomplete or inadequate health records, high asthma prevalence, and internal or external services available for students with asthma may benefit from a similar model. This system may be an effective public health strategy for school districts, health departments, and community coalitions addressing asthma or other conditions with high childhood prevalence. To view the full text of this study, click on the link below.

J Urban Health_OUSD.pdf (649 KB)