Resource: Contra Costa Asthma Coalition Asthma Toolkit

The Contra Costa Asthma Coalition (CCAC) is an inclusive, broad-based partnership of organizations and individuals whose mission is to strengthen Contra Costa County’s ability to prevent asthma and improve the lives of people affected by asthma. It does this by:

•Helping asthma-related organizations to learn from each other, coordinate their services, and enhance the level of care,

•Promoting public education and programs that reduce health disparities and are responsive to the needs of the community,


•Advocating for improved local, state, and federal asthma-related programs, policies and legislation.

The CCAC was awarded two grants through the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits Program from the East Bay and Diablo Valley service areas for 2007-2008. The purpose of these grants is to conduct comprehensive outreach and education in schools, childcare centers, clinics, and to the community on topics such as “First Aid for Asthma”, AB 2132 (right to carry and self-administer inhaler), diesel idling reduction, as well as to promote the use of less toxic “green cleaning” products.

Coalition members actively participated in every aspect of the process from generating project ideas to implementing program activities. CCAC members contributing to this grant include The American Lung Association, Asthma Community Advocates, Brookside Community Health Center, Contra Costa Childcare Council, Contra Costa Health Services, and La Clinica de La Raza.

A significant aspect of this project focused on developing, modifying, and adapting asthma materials for the school, childcare, and community settings. As part of the outreach and dissemination of the asthma materials, the CCAC has made available all of the materials in electronic format. The materials are as follows:

1. First Aid for Asthma – English/Spanish
2. How to Use an Inhaler (general audience) – English/Spanish
3. How to Help use an Inhaler (childcare providers) -English/Spanish
4. How to use a Nebulizer – English/Spanish
5. How to use a Inhaler with Mask – English/Spanish
6. Letter to Parents/Guardian – English/Spanish
7. Medication Authorization Form – English/Spanish
8. Contra Costa Asthma Coalition Brochure – English
9. Contra Costa Asthma Coalition Brochure – Spanish
10. California Air Resources Board Diesel Idling Rule – English
11. California Air Resources Board Diesel Idling Rule – Spanish

For questions about the project or to learn more about the Contra Costa Asthma Coalition, please feel free to contact the coalition administrator at

CCACKaiserToolkit-FirstAidPoster_FINAL.pdf (93 KB)
DDDC Idling with new rule pub 2000_FINAL.pdf (233 KB)
DDDC Idling with new rule pub 2000_SPAN_Final.pdf (203 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-FirstAidAsthma-SPN_FINAL.pdf (93 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseInhaler_FINAL.pdf (141 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseYourInhaler-SPAN_ FINAL.pdf (143 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowHelpInhalerChildcare_FINAL.pdf (139 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-Howtohelpachilduseaninhalor-SPN_FINAL.pdf (140 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseNebulizer_FINAL.pdf (83 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseNebulizer_SPAN_FINAL.pdf (84 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseInhalerMask_FINAL.pdf (98 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-HowUseInhalerMask Spacer-SPN_FINAL.pdf (101 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-parentletter_Final.doc (28 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-parentletter_SPAN_FINAL.doc (29 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-parentletter_Final.pdf (15 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-parentletter_SPAN_FINAL.pdf (16 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-MedAuthorizationForm_FINAL.doc (32 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-MedAuthorizationForm_SPN_FINAL.doc (32 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-MedAuthorizationForm_FINAL.pdf (28 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-MedAuthorizationForm_SPN_FINAL.pdf (30 KB)
CACKaiserToolkit-ManagingAsthmaBrochure_FINAL.pdf (60 KB)
CCACKaiserToolkit-ManagingAsthmaBrochure_SPAN_Final.pdf (63 KB)