USC Children's Health Study FINAL REPORT (available from CARB)

“CARB Press Release, and Internet link to report, on USC Children’s Health Study The study followed more than 5500 children at 52 schools in twelve Southern California communities from elementary through high school to track how different outdoor air pollution exposures affect respiratory health. The majority of children enrolled in the program as fourth-graders and were followed through high school. Outdoor pollution monitoring tracked levels of ozone, nitrogen oxide, acid vapor and particulate matter over the 10-year study. In addition, limited indoor pollution measurements were taken at schools and in homes. Each spring, the lung function of each child was tested and annual questionnaires collected information about respiratory symptoms and diseases, physical activity, time spent outdoors, and factors such as parental smoking, and mold and pets in the household. The 12 communities studied were: Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County; Lompoc and Santa Maria in Santa Barbara County; Lake Arrowhead and Upland in San Bernardino County; Lancaster, Long Beach and San Dimas in Los Angeles County; Lake Elsinore, Mira Loma and Riverside in Riverside County; and, Alpine in San Diego County. For a final report of the study, along with a list of the 72 published scientific papers produced by the USC researchers, please see:// The study was sponsored by the California Air Resources Board and co-sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, South Coast Air Quality Management District and other local air pollution control districts. NOTE: For CARB press release and short discussion of main results, please see posting on this Internet site under news”” on June 25, 2004 at: //”””