Study: Vitamin use and risk for asthma and food allergy

“Milner JD, Stein SM, McCarter R, Moon RY. 2004. Early Infant Multivitamin Supplementation is Associated with Increased Risk for Food Allergy and Asthma. Pediatrics, 114 (1): 27-32. This study analyzed cohort data, with over 8000 patients stratified by race/ethnicity and breastfeeding status, from two sources: National Center for Health Statistics 1988 National Maternal-Infant Health Survey”” and 1991 “”Longitudinal Follow-up Survey”” of the same patients. The overall incidence of asthma was 10.5%. Among the findings, the authors reported among black infants, a history of multivitamin use within the first six months of life was statistically significantly associated with a higher risk of asthma (calculated odds ratio was 1.27, 95% CI was 1.04-1.56). For the complete abstract, and potential access to the full article, please see: //″””