Clean Air Act Websites

“ Toxic Release Inventory. Lists routine yearly emissions from industrial facilities. Scorecard. Complies data on air quality levels, air cancer risks, other environmental data at community level; also has environmental justice mapping feature that calculates within a given county or state, distribution of air emitting facilities, air cancer risks by race, income, etc. EnviroJustice Mapper. Obtain demographic information about communities surrounding EPA-permitted facilities. Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO). Provides enforcement and compliance data under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for 800,000 facilities in the United States. Local Air District Inventories. Provides annual reports of toxic air emmisions by air district. Geographic Information System (GIS) Tools. GIS tutorial that allows communities to graphically display demographics of areas impacted by air pollution. National Academy of Public Administration, Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning (2003). Maximum Achieveable Contol Technology (MACT). Under technology-based”” approach, EPA developed MACT standards for controlling “”routine”” emmisions of air toxics from each major type of facility within an industry group (or “”source category””). New Source Review.”””