Community Health Air Pollution Information System

Community Health Air Pollution Information System (CHAPIS). This web based tool, freely accessible through the World Wide Web, illustrates the locations of various sources of air pollution on maps of California, and gives itemized accounting of the sources’ air emissions. CHAPIS is an interactive map that displays emission source information over the internet. This will make it easier to access, understand, and use air pollution emissions data complied by ARB and local air districts. CHAPIS illustrates the location of sources, improving our understanding of the potential cumulative impacts of air pollution. The program allows one to zoom into a neighborhood using interactive maps and view spatial relationships and emission levels. The combined contribution of cars, trucks, industrial and commercial facilities, consumer products, and other air pollution sources is mapped. Tools are provided, including query calculators that summarize statistics for an area of interest; and measuring tools that calculate distances between sources and receptors. Visit: //