National Asthma Training Curriculum

As more and more agencies and organizations commit resources towards addressing asthma in Calfornia, the need for comprehensive training on asthma issues for staff is clear. Not just for people working in health departments, but for school nurses, employees of federal health and environmental agencies, health care providers, and anyone else with a vested interest in controlling asthma as well. This is why the CDC has created the National Asthma Training Curriculum (NATC) and made it available on CD-ROM. Not only does this CD-ROM serve as an off-the-shelf resource guide about asthma, but some health workers who go through the training can actually qualify for continuing education units! The NATC provides a basic overview of asthma outlined in the following six modules: Module I: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis Module II: Asthma Management Module III: Epidemiology Module IV: Asthma Surveillance Module V: Asthma Education for the Patient, Provider and the Public Module VI: Administration of Asthma within Public Health The NATC has a public health focus and provides: – Resources to assist agencies in developing the capacity to conduct asthma surveillance and program activities; – Information on coalition building and legislative advocacy; and – Clinical information for public health professionals to help them understand the pathophysiology of asthma and issues related to its diagnosis, treatment, and barriers to treatment adherence. To order your copy of the CD-ROM, or for more detailed information about the training, go to: //