Study: Malatonin improves sleep quality in female asthma sufferers

Treatment with the hormone melatonin significantly improves sleep quality in female asthma sufferers, according to a new study. Researchers in Brazil studied 22 female patients between ages 18 and 60 with mild to moderate asthma. Melatonin was given to 12 of the women, while 11 received a placebo. Results show melatonin treatment significantly improved subjective sleep quality in the women who received it compared to women who received a placebo. No adverse affects were reported by those treated with melatonin. Researchers say medications such as oral steroids help control asthma but can disrupt sleep. Melatonin improved sleep quality, but the investigators note it did not affect asthma symptoms, use of relief medication, or daily peak expiratory flow. To read an article on the results, visit // To view the study’s abstract, visit //