Research suggests allergen-free homes won't prevent development of asthma

“Reducing the levels of cat dander and dust mites in your home won’t prevent your child from getting asthma, British researchers report. This finding counters the common belief that asthma is caused by early exposure to allergens. Instead, asthma is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, according to the report in the October issue of the British journal Thorax. In fact, this finding adds to the growing body of evidence that early exposure to allergens might actually protect children from developing asthma. Don’t be worried about dust and cats in the home as a means of preventing your child getting asthma,”” one of the author’s advised, cautioning, however, that “”it may be a different matter if your child already has asthma.”” For these children, exposure to household dust mites and cat dander may trigger attacks. To read the full article visit: // To read the study visit: //”””