"Article in EHP by Mead, Environmental Roots of Asthma"""

“NOTE: EHP = Environmental Health Perspectives Mead MN. 2004. Environmental Roots of Asthma. Environmental Health Perspectives, 113 (1): A28-. This article reports on an October 2004 symposium, co-sponsored by the USEPA and NIEHS, titled Environmental Influences on the Induction and Incidence of Asthma.”” Expert presenters, who agreed the environmental public health challenge asthma presents will require combined efforts in scientific research and policy development and implementation, reviewed the current “”state of science”” on adult and child asthma in relation to specific environmental topics. The topics included role of environmental tobacco smoke exposure, dietary fat intake, possible synergy between specific pollens and diesel exhaust particulate, an in utero (prenatal) and early childhood exposures (e.g., lipopolysaccharide, a marker of gram negative bacteria, common on rural farms). //ehp.niehs.nih.gov/docs/2005/113-1/niehsnews.html#envi”””