Stop Toxic Trespass offering presentations on spreading of hazardous materials

“Stop Toxic Trespass offers free presentations to promote greater understanding of toxic trespass. Toxic Trespass”” occurs when hazardous materials used on one property become airborne, and drift (or trespass) from one property to the next. Since people react to toxic materials at differing amounts, Toxic Trespass is a serious health threat for many, an annoyance to many others, and increases chances of long term disease (cancer, asthma, etc.) for everybody. exists to sponsor legislation which is fair to all sides and which protect people from toxic trespass. The Sierra Club, Environmental Health Network, East Bay Pesticide Alert are co-sponsoring organizational meetings, and other groups whose members would benefit from ordinances which protect people from toxic trespass are welcome to join. For more information, and to set up a free presentation, visit // or email”””