Survey suggests link between asthma and chemical hypersensitivity

A study recently published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine investigated the linkage between asthma and chemical hypersensitivity. The authors conducted a population study with a random sample of 1057 geographically weighted cases to determine the prevalence of both asthma and chemical hypersensitivity in the American population and to explore their co-occurrence. A total of 14.1% of the respondents reported being diagnosed with asthma and 11.2% reported a hypersensitivity to chemicals. Of those with asthma, 27.2% also reported being hypersensitive to chemicals and 7.4% reported also being diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Of those diagnosed with MCS, 42% reported also being diagnosed with asthma. Additionally, 29.7% of those with asthma said air fresheners caused breathing difficulties, and 37.2% found scented products irritating. The results indicate that there is significant overlap between some forms of asthma and chemical hypersensitivity. To view the abstract visit //;jsessionid=CjL1WGtTwXQc6tP9y3VyQEJ1IqKndwV23mc8LFz1m07mnkJoH1m!-1232483647!-949856032!9001!-1.