Study: Potential role of hormones in female adult asthma

Svanes C, Gomez Real F, Fislason T, Jansson C, Jogi R, Norrman E, Nystrom L, Toren K, Omenaas E. 2005. Association of asthma and hay fever with irregular menstruation. Thorax, 60 (6): 445-450. This was a study conducted in the Nordic/Northern European countries of 8, 588 adult women (77% of targeted study participants responded); the 6, 137 women who were not pregnant and who were not taking sex hormones were included in these final analyses. The results across the research centers (countries) suggested, regardless of asthma medication use, that hormones (metabolic and/or developmental) related to irregular menstruation, like possibly those involved in insulin resistance, were associated with asthma symptoms including hay fever. To read the official journal paper abstract, please go to: //