Study by Ebbehoj et al in Indoor Air about mold and lung function among Danish school teachers

“Ebbehoj NE, Meyer HW, Wurtz H, Suadicani P, Valbjorn O, Sigsgaard T, Gyntelberg F. 2005. Molds in floor dust, building-related symptoms, and lung function among male and female schoolteachers. Indoor Air, 15 (s10): 7-16. [NOTE: This publication is the final, expanded version of the peer-reviewed conference paper (extended abstract, six pages) in the Proceedings of the Indoor Air 2002 international conference, Monterey, CA, July 2002.] This was a cross-sectional study including 522 adult school teachers from eight visibly water-damaged schools and seven school with no visible damage in Denmark (NOTE: could have been hidden damage, but not known). Classroom floor dust and airborne particles were sampled. Qualitative and quantitative respiratory health outcome measures were conducted. None of the quantitative lung function tests or nasal lavage results were statistically significantly associated with measures of mold in floor dust and in air, to water damage”” designation, or to health symptoms reported by survey. To read the official abstract to this article, please go to: //”””