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State Legislation Related to Asthma and Environmental Triggers - RAMP

State Legislation Related to Asthma and Environmental Triggers

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California State Legislation on Indoor Air in Homes, Indoor Air in School, Outdoor Air, Ports, Rail Yards and Clinical Policies. The summarized bills include: AB 3018 Lieber and Laird – Air Pollution: indoor air pollution AB 2276 Pavley – Ozone: indoor air cleaning devices AB 315 Hancock – School Facilities: energu efficiency:design in schools AB 2824 Ruskin – Air Pollution Mapping: high risk facilities: schools AB 1870 Lieber – Air Pollution: motor vehicle inspection and maintenance. SB 109 Ortiz – Air Pollutions: minor violations: stationary sources: prosecution of violations SB 1718 Perata – Air Pollution SB 999 Machado – State Air Resources Board:San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District: district board membership AB 32 Pavely – Greenhouse Gas Emissions AB 1101 Oropeza – Air Pollutions: diesel magnet sources AB 2788 Arambula – Vehicle Air pollution: Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program. SB 1230 Florez – San Joaquin Valley Clean Air Enterprise Zones SB 120 Escutia – Air pollution: Children’s Breathing Rights Act: penalities SB 1601 Lowenthal – Marine Ports: emissions SB 760 Lowenthal – Ports: congestion relief: security enhancement: envrionmental mitigation: regulatory fee. SB 459 Romero – Air Pollution: South Coast Air Quality Management District: emissions of air contaminants: locomotives AB 888 De La Torre – Air pollution: equipment emissions AB 264 Chan – Health Care Service plans: pediatric asthma Children’s Asthma Care Management Policy Brief