Study: Antibiotics in infancy may increase a child's risk of developing asthma

An article published in the March 2006 CHEST Journal reported on a Canadian study of 12,082 children that suggests those treated with antibiotics under the age of one are twice as likely to develop asthma in childhood and that the increase in exposure to antibiotics The Canadian team reviewed seven studies comparing exposure to at least one antibiotic to no exposure in the first year of life. Overall, infants who were exposed to at least one antibiotic were twice as likely as unexposed infants to develop asthma during childhood. The researchers also analyzed data from five studies including 27,167 children looking at antibiotic doses. It found that for each extra course of antibiotics during the first year of life a child was 1.16 times more likely to develop asthma. To view the abstract of the article click on this link: //