Occupational asthma in the developing and industrialized world

In a February 2007 study published in the international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease researchers reviewed the evidence for occupational asthma in the developing and industrialized world. Findings showed that occupational asthma is the most common occupational lung disease in industrialized countries and the second most common in developing countries. The median proportion of adult cases of asthma attributable to occupational exposure is between 10% and 15%. High-risk exposure to cleaning agents and pesticide exposure in developing countries appear to be as important as exposure to isocyanates, cereal flour/grain dust, welding fumes, wood dust and, more recently, hairdressing chemicals, commonly reported in industrialized countries. While occupational asthma remains under-recognized, especially in developing countries, it remains poorly diagnosed and managed and inadequately compensated worldwide. To view an abstract of this study visit //tinyurl.com/32qsct.