Conversion to ethanol and asthma risk

A study that appeared in the April 18th on-line edition of Environmental Science and Technology, a publication of the American Chemical Society, examines the ozone-related health consequences of a large-scale conversion from gasoline to ethanol. The research examines the effects of converting from gasoline to E85 (85% ethanol fuel, 15% gasoline) on cancer, mortality, and hospitalization in the U.S. and Los Angeles, in particular. Findings showed that E85 may increase ozone-related mortality, hospitalization, and asthma by about 9% in Los Angeles and 4% in the United States relative to 100% gasoline. Due to its ozone effects, future E85 may be a greater overall public health risk than gasoline. The findings continued to state that because of the uncertainty in future emission regulations, in can be concluded with confidence only that E85 is unlikely to improve air quality over future gasoline vehicles. To view the study abstract visit // and to view an article about this research visit //