A.B. 821

Schools Clean Up by Going Green: RAMP Co-Sponsors Green Cleaning in Schools Legislation – A.B. 821.

RAMP, on behalf of Community Action to Fight Asthma (CAFA), is co-sponsoring legislation that would significantly improve indoor air quality at schools. AB 821 (Brownley) will require schools to switch from the use of traditional to certified green cleaning products. CAFA members have long worked with their local schools to reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers. As a result, asthma coalitions have partnered with Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, Green Schools Initiative, Environmental Working Group, Coalition for Clean Air, Teachers for Healthy Kids, and Green Purchasing Institute to pass this legislation.

AB 821 is a two-year bill currently in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee.  RAMP and CAFA members are working with our partners to ensure this bill makes its way to the governor’s desk in 2010.  We will be launching a back-to-school awareness building campaign in the fall, so keep your eyes open for new updates soon.

Below you will find links to the full text of the bill, a fact sheet, frequently asked questions, a press release, briefs on the health and environmental benefits for green cleaners and the cost of going green, as well as a sample letter of support. Show your support by faxing letters of support to:

Office of Assemblywoman Julia Brownley
State Capitol Room 2163
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2141 fax

If you would like more information, to be included in e-mail updates on AB 821, or to find out how you can help efforts to pass this important legislation, contact Brandon Kitagawa at 510-302-3395 or brandon(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

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