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The Sonoma County Asthma Coalition formed in 2002 to develop community wide responses to the asthma epidemic.  The Coalition brings together an average of 30 local organizations and individuals to work collaboratively to reduce the burden of asthma in Sonoma County.  Our mission is to work with key stakeholders to improve the quality of life for people affected by asthma and to advocate for policies to minimize the impact of asthma in Sonoma County. Coalition members include health care providers, school administrators, teachers and school nurses, public officials, county departments of public health, housing advocates, environmental groups, and community based organizations.

The Coalition is a member of Community Action to Fight Asthma (CAFA). The Coalition is on the Steering Committee of the California Healthy Housing Coalition, serves on the RAMP Advisory Council, and is a member of the California School Environmental Health and Asthma Collaborative (SEHAC).

Community Accomplishments:

Healthy Housing and Indoor Air Quality

  • Coalition successfully advocated with Burbank Housing to adopt 3 indoor air quality improvement policies (2006).
  • Coalition developed a flyer “Healthy Choices for Landlords & Homeowners: Tips for renovating using environmentally preferable products and practices” (2008)
  • Coalition partner, Center for Well Being, developed  “Creating a Healthy Home:” toolkits for managers and tenants.  They have provided Healthy Homes trainings for managers and tenants living in affordable housing complexes in Sonoma County. (2009).
  • Coalition produced brochure “Tips for a Healthy Home” in English and Spanish (2010).

Asthma Friendly Schools

  • Coalition implemented asthma prevention and management programs at 6 school districts in Sonoma County (2003-2010).
  • Coalition partnered with California Breathing to provide asthma education training for school nurses (2007)

Community Outreach

  • Coalition delivered Healthy Homes workshops for code enforcement and health care providers (2009).
  • Coalition partnered with the County’s Environmental Health Division to develop new healthy homes web pages on the County website (2009).

Policy and Advocacy:

  • Coalition advocated for the adoption of a Sonoma County Resolution connecting indoor air quality and asthma (2005).
  • Coalition and other partners successfully advocated for the City of Rohnert Park to adopt a tobacco ordinance which includes smoke-free regulations in multi-unit housing (2009).
  • Coalition and other partners advocating with the cities of Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Petaluma, and the County of Sonoma to expand tobacco ordinances to include smoking regulations in multi unit housing. (2009-current)
  • Coalition advocated with the City of Santa Rosa to continue to support current proactive code enforcement program (2009-2010).

Data Collection and Evaluation

  • Coalition produced three reports to the community: Asthma in schools (2005, 2008) and Asthma and Housing (2008).
  • Coalition provided updated Sonoma County asthma data to Coalition members (2010)

Quality Health Care

  • Coalition developed and provided Champion Asthma Management Toolkits and training to community health clinics in Sonoma County (2004).
  • Breathe California provided asthma education trainings to health care providers (2009).
  • Coalition partnering with Breathe California and local hospitals to offer Clinical Asthma Provider Network meetings (2010).

The Sonoma County Asthma Coalition is fiscally sponsored by the American Lung Association in California

Contact Information

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