Asthma Coalition of Alameda County


The Alameda County Asthma Coalition (ACAC) is a collaboration among public health agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental groups, Medi-Cal Managed Care plans, community health clinics, hospitals, schools, and others interested in reducing the burden of asthma in the communities of Alameda County. The vision of ACAC is of a community where all people with asthma have an optimal quality of life in a healthy environment. The mission is to work collaboratively to reduce the incidence and impact of asthma through public health leadership, advocacy, education, equal access to culturally appropriate and effective health care, and an improved environment. The coalition began its work in 2003.

Meeting dates are the second Monday or Friday of each month, 9-11 am. Each member takes a turn to host meeting.

Priority Areas:
Community Education

• Asthma Camp – A yearly, 3-day away camp for children with asthma
• World Asthma Day
• Service coordination

Provider Education
• Promote the use of asthma action plans
• Asthma education for providers

The coalition assists in the development and dissimilation of asthma reports:
• Hospitalization and Emergency Room summary
• Asthma Prevention Report
• OB-CAFA Asthma Report Card
• Berkeley Unified School District Report

• Tobacco Free Hospitals
• In-door and outdoor air quality regulations
• Clean and safe ports initiative
• Track and support pertinent legislation

For more information, or to join the Asthma Coalition of Alameda County,

For more information click here: ACAC Brochure