The Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County

The Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County is a collective, powerful voice for policy and systems change to prevent, minimize and manage the burden of asthma. The Coalition is a broad-based comprehensive coalition of experts from community-based organizations, advocacy groups, universities, government entities, school districts, environmental groups, health plans, hospitals, and clinics in Los Angeles County.

 It is our mission to prevent and alleviate pediatric asthma by addressing environmental factors in the home that trigger disease, and advocate for policies and practices that encourage reduction of in-door and out-door triggers. Additionally, because standard housing conditions contribute to asthma triggers, we also work towards creating synergy between coalition members and housing advocates, and deliver tenant rights education. 

The short-term goals of the coalition include building upon the Coalition Self-Assessment and Strategic Planning Process, creating sustainability though fundraising activities and events, and the re-establishment of four workgroups (clinical, outdoor air, schools, and indoor air) to more effectively advocate for policy change and address asthma disparities.  

The long-term goals of the Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County are to:

1. Increase access to and improve quality of health care

2. Improve indoor air quality in homes and workplaces

3. Improve asthma management in schools, child care centers,
    and child care homes

4. Improve outdoor air quality

5. Address race/ethnic and socio-economic disparities

6. Strengthen research related to asthma

 Contact information
Janet Scully, MPH – Coordinator
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Maternal, Child Adolescent Health Programs
600 S. Commonwealth Ave. 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Tel:(213) 639-6414
Fax:(213) 639-1034