Green Cleaning In Schools: A Guide for Advocate

Tips on Developing Your Message

Helpful Hint: Anticipate Resistance

Change is always seen as risky. Do not be surprised if barriers and road blocks arise along the way—in fact, anticipating those objections and having counter-arguments ready could serve you well. Common objections to taking action include:

  • I’ve used these products my whole life and I’m healthy.
  • Green products just don’t clean as well.
  • Green products are too expensive.

Counter these fears with facts on the health benefits, effectiveness, and cost of green cleaning found in this guide to help you move past fears and resistance.

Developing Your Message: Certified Green Cleaning Products Work

In addition to meeting strict health and environmental standards, green cleaning products must clean as effectively as traditional products in order to receive certification.

Developing Your Message: Win-Win Opportunity

Not only are certified products safer, they also work, are widely available, and are cost effective.

Developing your Message: Schools have saved money using green cleaning products by:

  • Using Concentrates and Dilution Equipment
  • Using Multi-Purpose Products
  • Taking Advantage of Procurement Contracts
  • Improving Health and Efficiency(See Appendix B for details)
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