Work Related Asthma Study in Australia

In a study published in the journal, Australian Family Physician, researchers determined that work related asthma (WRA) is a common condition that is under recognized in Australia. Work related asthma refers to the development of new asthma due to occupational factors (occupational asthma) and the worsening of asthma control due to occupational factors (work exacerbated asthma). All clinicians who treat adult patients with asthma should inquire about the patient’s occupation. Key features of WRA include: a temporal association between asthma symptoms and work activities (especially an improvement in symptoms when away from the workplace), identification of relevant workplace exposures (eg. use of a known cause of occupational asthma) and the development of respiratory symptoms in co-workers. Optimal management of WRA requires early recognition and accurate diagnosis. Increased awareness of WRA and the introduction of effective workplace control should reduce the prevalence of WRA and the overall burden of asthma. To read the complete article, please click here.