Act Now! Tell CARB to Protect Diesel Regulations

RAMP, CAFA, and many of our partners have worked hard over the years to improve air quality – particularly to reduce diesel pollution.  As a result, diesel trucks cannot idle for more than five minutes, school busses cannot idle near schools, new truck routes steer diesel traffic away from overburdened communities, and the state established a set of regulations that would clean up a wide range of diesel engines, from trucks and busses to construction equipment.

This week, the California Air Resources Board is set to weaken the latter set of diesel regulations in response to the economic downturn.  We understand the need to modify the rule to provide regulatory relief to small businesses that have seen their emissions reduced not from an improved fleet but from a lack of use.  We are concerned, however, that the proposed modifications do not maintain the short and long-term health benefits of the original rule.

We encourage our partners and those concerned about air quality, health, and asthma to let the board know the proposed modifications go too far by testifying at Friday’s board meeting or submitting a comment to the board by Wednesday.  Click here to view a sample letter here and/or submit comments through this link.

If you are interested in attending Friday’s hearing, a couple of our partners are offering to cover travel expenses.
If you would like to be reimbursed for travel, please contact Brandon at RAMP