Update: CARB to Close Some Loopholes and Protect Children

RAMP joined other public health, community, and environmental advocates to urge the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to modify their proposed amendments to the state’s diesel regulations.  Given the impact of the economic downturn on businesses’ ability to comply with the regulations and significant emissions reductions caused by reduced economic activity, RAMP understood the need for CARB to provide some relief to businesses and modify the rules.  However, we were concerned some of the proposed modifications went too far and compromised some of the public health benefits of the regulations.

While CARB did not adopt all of our proposed amendments, they did take action to close some loopholes and ensure that all children who ride school buses receive the same protection from unhealthy diesel soot.  Given the pressure to further weaken the regulations, the modifications adopted by CARB should be seen as a victory for air quality, public health, and asthma.

RAMP would like to thank our many partners and friends for their leadership and advocacy in this effort.

More information about the diesel regulations can be found here.