The Breathe-Easy Home helps ease the asthma burden

In an article published in the January edition of the American Journal of Public Health, researchers examined the asthma-control benefit of moving into an asthma-friendly Breathe-Easy home (BEH). Entitled “The Breathe-Easy Home: The Impact of Asthma-Friendly Home Construction on Clinical Outcomes and Trigger Exposure,” the researchers studied two groups of low-income children and adolescents with asthma, one of which moved into a BEH. A BEH has an enhanced exterior envelope to optimize moisture-proofing; interior finishes, flooring, and other materials that minimized dust accumulation and off-gassing; and an energy efficient heat-exchange ventilation system with filtration and continuous fresh air supply. The researchers found that children and adolescents with asthma who moved into an asthma-friendly home experienced large decreases in asthma morbidity and trigger exposure. To view the article, click here.