The Interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP): A New Computerized Clinical Decision Support Tool for Prescribing Clinicians

Developed by the Minnesota Department of Health ( the interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP) is a computerized clinical decision support tool for licensed health care providers who treat patients who have asthma. It is not a diagnostic tool and should only be used when the provider has confirmed a patient actually has asthma. The iAAP follows the NIH, EPR-3 Asthma Guideline (2007) recommendations to assess asthma patients’ severity or control level.  The iAAP suggests patient-specific treatment plans and medications.  It was developed understanding that providers have to assess, diagnose, treat, and educate their patients in a very limited time frame.

The iAAP program also supports effective patient self-management by creating patient-specific asthma action plans in English and Spanish. At the end of a patient encounter, in addition to a patient specific asthma action plan, users may print a trigger control sheet and, if needed, a HIPAA / FERPA-compliant Consent-to-Share-Information document for school health offices in English or Spanish. Downloadable versions have the ability to print out a preset quality report document, and administrators can also query the program to provide a full data download of all collected information in the program. Users can utilize and format the information as they feel is appropriate, whether for quality assurance purposes or just for tracking patient visits. Three versions are available for download and one for online use. To learn more about the iAAP go to