New “Green Cleaning” standard to include asthmagens!

International “green” certifier, EcoLogo, recently updated its standard for hard surface cleaners (CCD 146), saying in their press release on the new standard,

Today, the EcoLogo Program released its newly-revised environmental standard for hard surface cleaners that limits products containing asthmagens or chemicals known to trigger or agrivate asthma, a disease affecting 25 million Americans and one in 10 school-ages children.

This is a huge victory RAMP, Community Action to Fight Asthma and several of our partners who advocated for stricter limitations on asthma triggers and specifically asthmagens – substances known to cause asthma – in their new standard.

Cleaning is an important step towards reducing asthma triggers, however, too often the very products used to clean can trigger or in some cases can cause asthma.  This upgraded standard will help consumers make healthier choices and reduce their risk of exposure to unhealthy chemicals.  We would like to applaud EcoLogo for taking this important step.

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