In order to accomplish its goal of reducing the burden of asthma, RAMP serves as a convener and builds partnerships, providing opportunities for networking and capacity building for asthma and other key stakeholders. Through regional and state-level workshops and meetings, RAMP ensures that health departments, health plans, community-based organizations, hospitals, government agencies, providers, environmental health and justice groups, and community members are connected and working together as effectively as possible to address asthma.

RAMP has conducted such workshops as Addressing Asthma in Schools; Asthma and the Built Environment; Diesel & Asthma; and a Pediatric Asthma Forum.

RAMP focuses on improving clinical asthma management by linking providers to a larger public health framework for addressing asthma. RAMP’s unique contribution is to connect providers with each other as well as with tools, best practices, and advocacy opportunities. RAMP also hosts periodic clinical convenings in order to bring providers together to learn, build relationships, and collaborate on clinical asthma management issues.  For more information about our clinical convenings, please contact Anne Kelsey Lamb at anne(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

RAMP has hosted many annual roundtables on addressing asthma in schools, bringing together school nurses, public health departments, asthma coalitions, and other agencies to share and exchange strategies. Through presentations and group discussion, the roundtables have provided an opportunity to share successes and innovative ideas, brainstorm strategies for overcoming barriers, and exchange useful resources.  For more information on these convenings, please contact: Anne Kelsey Lamb at anne(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

RAMP hosts periodic convenings to inform, learn, build relationships, and collaborate on complex environmental health issues in the region. In recent years, RAMP hosted convenings on diesel pollution, housing, and land-use. These convenings brought asthma advocates together with others working on public health, environmental and social justice, and equity in the region with the goal to build the capacity and partnerships necessary to effectively address environmental health concerns. For more information about this work, please contact Joel Ervice at joel(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

Community Health Outreach Workers
RAMP brings together Community Health Outreach Workers (CHOWs) from across the Bay Area who provide asthma education to patients and families on self-management techniques and in-home and environmental trigger reduction. At bi-monthly meetings, RAMP offers these outreach workers opportunities and resources to network and strengthen their ability to work with families and communities.  For more information about these convenings, please contact Anne Kelsey Lamb at anne(at)rampasthma(dot)org.

Community Action to Fight Asthma Events
CAFA is a network of asthma coalitions in California working to shape local, regional, and state policies to reduce the environmental triggers of asthma for school-aged children where they live, learn, and play. The CAFA Network mobilizes the voice and experience of the local communities to shape asthma and other policies.