Eliminating Inequities

Although asthma affects Americans of all ages, races, and ethnic groups, some populations are disproportionately impacted by the disease. Here in California, to take but two examples, African Americans have the highest asthma rates (1 in 5 has been diagnosed with asthma) and the number of Latinos diagnosed with asthma (1.4 million) is greater than any other minority group in the state.

RAMP recognizes that in order to address these disparities we have to look at the root causes, and we are committed to focusing on the social and environmental inequities that contribute to asthma disparities. Across our work — as captured in our strategic plan — we try to address  some of those inequities. These actions include working to reduce disparities in the areas of exposure to environmental triggers, access to culturally competent and quality care, and support for asthma management.

We have a long history of focusing on disparities, including being designated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a Center of Excellence in Eliminating Disparities in 2007. RAMP will continue to utilize its core strategies to change policies, systems, and environments that contribute to and maintain the multitude of inequities that contribute to asthma disparities. We will also regularly inform our partners about inequities and advocate for the asthma field to focus on inequities. By reducing asthma disparities, RAMP strives to impact health outcomes related to the effects of poorly controlled asthma and the new onset of asthma in otherwise healthy people.

Inequities Clearinghouse
One of our objectives is to provide resources for those interested in knowing more about the social determinants of health and inequities that make asthma a chronic disease that disproportionately affects African Americans, Latinos, and other communities of color. RAMP is reaching that objective with this inequities clearinghouse.  If you have information you would like us to add to the clearinghouse, please send it to us for consideration.  Select one of the following categories to learn more:


Asthma Inequities:

Legacy Grants
As part of our Center of Excellence grant from the CDC (2007-2012), RAMP’s strengthened and expanded its partnerships and provide pilot funding to organizations to encourage building community capacity and organizational development strategies that initiate or enhance efforts towards reducing health disparities. RAMP reached that objective in part with our Legacy Grants Program: three one-year, one-time only grants ranging from $25,000 -$30,000 awarded annually to support effective strategies for reducing disparities among African American and Latino communities.


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