Asthma Action Plans

In August 2007, the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) in the National Institutes for Health released the Expert Panel Report 3: Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (EPR-3). The full report and a companion summary report are available here.

In response to the release of the EPR-3 Guidelines, RAMP, along with our clinical partners, worked on a revision to our Asthma Action Plans. Over a year long process, RAMP underwent a comprehensive, thorough, and informed approach to the Asthma Action Plan review process. In addition to utilizing the recommendations in the EPR-3 Guidelines, feedback from a number of clinical providers, community health outreach workers, school personnel, and patients has informed and shaped the changes that have been made. While the Asthma Action Plan has kept much of the same look, some of the differences include the following:

  • There is one Asthma Action Plan for all age groups.
  • A tear off Provider Instruction page has been incorporated.
  • Information for the patient on “Controlling Things That Make Asthma Worse” has been included on the back of the top copy of the Plan.
  • A School Authorization Form has been included on the back of the middle copy of the Plan.
  • A Provider Signature section has been included on the bottom of the Plan.
  • The Plan includes check boxes to indicate common choices, for ease of use.

The Plans continue to be available at no-cost and in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese with both hard copy versions and electronic, fill-able pdf versions available.

To access the various versions of the Asthma Action Plans, please utilize the links below. To request a supply of hard copy Asthma Action Plans, please fill out our Online Form or complete the Order Form (PDF or Word) and submit it via email of fax. Please Note: Our fax number has changed to (510) 285-5501.

Hard Copy Versions of Asthma Action Plans:

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Electronic, Fill-able PDF Versions of Asthma Action Plans: